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Manneken-Pis has been the beloved child of Brussels residents since the 17th century. The practice of dressing him up on special occasions had already taken root back in that era.
This strange tradition has continued throughout the centuries, and has even become more prevalent.

Discover the 3 places to find Brussels most famous resident.


Where are you?

  • The fountain
    Manneken-Pis is dressed up around
    130 times each year.
  • The Brussels City Museum
    conserves and displays the original
    Manneken-Pis statue.
  • The GardeRobe
    presents the nicest, the most unexpected,
    and the most extravagant costumes
    offered to the statue. 

Manneken-Pis is dressed up 130 times each year.

In addition to the fifteen or so new costumes gifted to the statue each year, Manneken-Pis regularly wears clothes from his existing collection.